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Harness Myst Majestic

Mystic stiff Majestic X waist harness

Sale priceR 9,950.00
Sold out
Harness Myst Stealth
Harness Myst Stealth

Stiff Mystic Stealth waist harness

Sale priceR 9,550.00
Sold out
Harness Myst Gem
Harness Myst Gem

Mystic women's comfort waist harness

Sale priceR 7,950.00
Harness Myst Dazzled

Affordable 3D molded women's kite harness.

Sale priceR 5,750.00
Da Kine Surf Hat

3D molded waist harness.

Sale priceR 5,500.00
Woo 4.0 Package

WOO waterproof kite tracker package

Sale priceR 5,500.00
Harness Myst Marshall Seat

Mystic seat harness with back support

Sale priceR 4,750.00
Kite Board Travel Bag Pro Limit Elite 150

Lightweight wheeled kiteboard travel bag

Sale priceR 4,250.00
Sold out
Naish Golf Wheeled travel board bag
Naish Golf Wheeled travel board bag

Golf bags fly free. Your kite gear should also. Features wheels to roll around with ease, and side pockets for all your smaller treasures. Holds up to 4 kites and 2 boards.

Sale priceR 3,950.00
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Board Bag Pro Limit Aero
Board Bag Pro Limit Aero 150

Lightweight wheeled kiteboard travel bag

Sale priceR 3,950.00
Gath GEDI Helmet

Gath Gedi Watersports Helmet

Sale priceR 3,790.00

4 colors available

Sold out
Bindings Apex S25
Bindings Naish Apex S25

Apex bindings

Sale priceFrom R 3,750.00
Save R 2,250.00
Naish Arsenal Harness L
Harness Naish Arsenal – X LARGE

Naish molded memory foam harness

Sale priceR 3,500.00 Regular priceR 5,750.00
Impact Vest Mystic Star 2024

Protective impact vest kitesurfing jumps crashes.

Sale priceR 3,350.00
Ensis Balz Pro Helmet

Ensis Balz helmet for water

Sale priceR 3,250.00
Save R 1,250.00
Naish Targa L
Naish Targa Seat Shorts Harness – S

Naish minimalist seat harness

Sale priceR 2,500.00 Regular priceR 3,750.00
Spreader Bar Mystic Stealth Kite 2024

Mystic kite spreader bar with pad

Sale priceR 2,200.00
Spreader Bar Mystic Ace 2024

Mystic kite spreader safety hook bar

Sale priceR 1,750.00
Board Bag Kite twin tip 150 and 160 Kelp

Twin tip board bag 150 and 160

Sale priceR 1,650.00
Board Bag Kite 6'0 Kelp

Board bag kite directional 6'0

Sale priceR 1,650.00
Board Bag 6’0 Kite Directional

Board bag kite 6'0

Sale priceR 1,495.00
Board Bag Twin Tip 150 & 160

Board bagTwin tip

Sale priceR 1,495.00
Anemometer Wind Meter Skywatch

Wind meter speed measuring device.

Sale priceR 1,495.00
Chinook Deviator

Mast deviator to protect board nose.

Sale priceR 1,455.00