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Mast Base Pin Tendon Chinook

Mast Base Tendon Pin Chinook

Sale priceR 2,275.00
Fin Windsurf / Longboard / SUP Fin 9" US box.

FIN 9"

Sale priceR 1,250.00
Universal Joint Rubber Bogie

UJ Universal Joint

Sale priceR 595.00
Collar And Pin retained Chinook

Collar and Pin retained Chinook

Sale priceR 559.00
Severne X-Ply repair material

Repair Material Severne.

Sale priceFrom R 550.00

3 colors available

Fin Box Euro Power box Chinook

Fin box for power fins.

Sale priceR 478.00
Universal Joint Tendon Chinook

Standard mast base tendon joint.

Sale priceR 455.00
Mast Track Slider

Mast track slider

Sale priceR 455.00
Severne Tendon Universal Joint
Sale priceR 425.00
RDM To SDM Boom Head Adapter

Boom head adapter RDM to SDM

Sale priceR 425.00
Boom Clips Severne Enigma

Replacement windsurfing boom adjuster clips for Severne Enigma 140 or 150cm size booms. Comes as a pair.

Sale priceR 385.00
Sold out
Pulley Ch Outhaul Double
Pulley Outhaul Double Chinook

Sail outhaul sheaves reduce friction.

Sale priceR 375.00
Chinook Vented Mast Track Box

10 inch fin box.

Sale priceR 375.00
Boom Lock Chinook 27mm

Boom Lock Chinook 27mm

Sale priceR 375.00
Boom Lock Chinook 2 Pin 29mm

Boom collar set for carbon booms.

Sale priceR 375.00
Fin Box Chinook

Fin box Chinook.

Sale priceR 368.00
Sail Batten Adjuster Severne

batten adjuster Severne

Sale priceR 365.00
Ezzy Batten Per Metre

Windsurf Sail batten per m

Sale priceR 355.00
Chinook Fin Box Tuttle

Windsurf fin box 2 screw Tuttle.

Sale priceR 329.00
Batten Severne Per M

Batten Severne per M.

Sale priceR 325.00
Collar Clip-on Std Dia Mast Chinook

Collar Clip-on Std Dia Mast Chinook

Sale priceR 255.00
Fin Box Slot Chinook

Lightweight slot box fin mount.

Sale priceR 244.00
Mast Top Plug Ezzy Female
Sale priceR 235.00
Chinook Base Spring Clip

Stainless US cup spring pin.

Sale priceR 235.00