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Chinook RDG Carbon Boom

Chinook carbon boom.

Sale priceFrom R 15,900.00
Chinook Carbon Windsurfing Boom

Chinook pro carbon windsurf boom

Sale priceFrom R 18,990.00
Chinook RDG Alloy Boom 27mm

Reduced diameter Chinook alloy boom

Sale priceFrom R 5,870.00
Chinook Windsurfing Boom

Chinook pro alloy windsurf boom

Sale priceFrom R 5,870.00
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Severne Enigma Windsurfing Boom
Severne Enigma Windsurfing Boom

Severne Enigma Windsurfing Boom.

Sale priceR 21,000.00
Boom Naish kids

Naish boom kids 120-150

Sale priceR 2,250.00
Ezzy Batten Per Metre

Windsurf Sail batten per m

Sale priceR 355.00
Batten Severne Per M

Batten Severne per M.

Sale priceR 325.00
Ezzy Mast C91% Hookipa RDM

Lightweight high-strength windsurf mast.

Sale priceFrom R 10,900.00
Ezzy Mast Legacy C60% RDM

Thick wall windsurf mast durability.

Sale priceFrom R 7,250.00
Rope Dynema Light Per Meter

Rope Suitable For Windsurfing Components.

Sale priceFrom R 20.00
Chinook Base Spring Clip

Stainless US cup spring pin.

Sale priceR 235.00
Save R 86.00


Sale priceR 699.00 Regular priceR 785.00
Aquapac Keymaster

Waterproof pouch for electronics

Sale priceR 435.00
Aquapac Phone Waterproof Case PLUS

Aquapac waterproof phone case pouch

Sale priceFrom R 575.00
Sail Batten Adjuster Severne

batten adjuster Severne

Sale priceR 365.00
Batten Adjuster Ezzy
Sale priceR 175.00
Batten Adjuster Severne Mini

Batten adjuster Severne mini

Sale priceR 225.00
Severne Blade 24

Severne Blade 24

Sale priceFrom R 17,350.00
Severne Blade 23

Severne Blade 2023

Sale priceFrom R 13,500.00
RDM To SDM Boom Head Adapter

Boom head adapter RDM to SDM

Sale priceR 425.00
Boom Lock Chinook 2 Pin 29mm

Boom collar set for carbon booms.

Sale priceR 375.00
Boom Lock Chinook 27mm

Boom Lock Chinook 27mm

Sale priceR 375.00
Severne Boom Back End Rope Cleat

Severne Enigma back end cleat

Sale priceR 225.00