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Mast Base 1-Bolt Rubber US Cup Chinook

Mast Base Chinook UJ

Sale priceR 2,295.00
Mast Base Mechanical Pin Chinook

Mast base mechanical pin Chinook

Sale priceR 2,065.00
Mast Base Pin Tendon Chinook

Mast Base Tendon Pin Chinook

Sale priceR 2,275.00
Severne Blade 24

Severne Blade 24

Sale priceFrom R 17,350.00
Severne S1 2024

Severne S1

Sale priceFrom R 15,750.00
Sold out
Severne Moto 2024 Severne Moto 2024
Severne Moto 2024

Severne Moto

Sale priceFrom R 19,450.00
Severne Blade 23

Severne Blade 2023

Sale priceFrom R 13,500.00
Severne Red Mast RDM

Severne ultra light wave mast

Sale priceFrom R 16,500.00
Severne Blue Mast RDM

Lightweight freeride kiteboarding mast.

Sale priceFrom R 13,150.00
Severne Gorilla Mast RDM

Severne Gorilla Mast

Sale priceFrom R 8,950.00
Ezzy Mast Legacy C60% RDM

Thick wall windsurf mast durability.

Sale priceFrom R 7,250.00
Ezzy Mast C91% Hookipa RDM

Lightweight high-strength windsurf mast.

Sale priceFrom R 10,900.00
Mast Neil Pryde X35 370 Sdm

Standard Diameter Mast 370 Neil Pryde X35

Sale priceR 2,500.00
Chinook mast 430 Epoxy Sdm

Mast Chinook 430 epoxy fiberglass windsurf mast.

Sale priceR 4,750.00
Chinook Carbon Windsurfing Boom

Chinook pro carbon windsurf boom

Sale priceFrom R 18,990.00
Chinook RDG Carbon Boom

Chinook carbon boom.

Sale priceFrom R 15,900.00
Chinook RDG Alloy Boom 27mm

Reduced diameter Chinook alloy boom

Sale priceFrom R 5,870.00
Chinook Windsurfing Boom

Chinook pro alloy windsurf boom

Sale priceFrom R 5,870.00
Boom Naish kids

Naish boom kids 120-150

Sale priceR 2,250.00
Sold out
Carbon Extension Euro Pin Rdm Tall
Mast Extension Pin RDM Carbon

Adjustable tall carbon mast extension.

Sale priceFrom R 3,650.00
Mast Extension Pin RDM Aluminium

Chinook Med rdm Ali Mast Extension

Sale priceFrom R 1,995.00
Chinook Mast Extension SDM Aluminium

Adjustable SDM Mast Extension.

Sale priceFrom R 1,850.00
Mast Base Stubby Chinook

Mast Extension Stubby Air Base

Sale priceR 1,100.00
Chinook Deviator

Mast deviator to protect board nose.

Sale priceR 1,455.00