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Chinook Sailing Products offers innovative watersports equipment from the Columbia River Gorge for over 25 years.



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Chinook Windsurfing Boom

Chinook pro alloy windsurf boom

Sale priceFrom R 5,870.00
Chinook Carbon Windsurfing Boom

Chinook pro carbon windsurf boom

Sale priceFrom R 18,990.00
Chinook RDG Carbon Boom

Chinook carbon boom.

Sale priceFrom R 15,900.00
Chinook RDG Alloy Boom 27mm

Reduced diameter Chinook alloy boom

Sale priceFrom R 5,870.00
Chinook mast 430 Epoxy Sdm

Mast Chinook 430 epoxy fiberglass windsurf mast.

Sale priceR 4,750.00
Chinook Deviator

Mast deviator to protect board nose.

Sale priceR 1,455.00
Chinook Winch

Sailing rig winch with power haul.

Sale priceR 1,190.00
Chinook In Flight Adjustable Harness Lines

In-Flight Adjustable Harness Lines

Sale priceR 885.00
Sold out
Chinook Adjustable Harness Lines
Chinook Adjustable Harness Lines

Chinook heavy duty adjustable lines

Sale priceR 695.00
Collar And Pin retained Chinook

Collar and Pin retained Chinook

Sale priceR 559.00
Footstrap Chinook Wide

Wide foot strap.

Sale priceR 465.00
Universal Joint Tendon Chinook

Standard mast base tendon joint.

Sale priceR 455.00
Footstrap Chinook Standard

Standard foot straps.

Sale priceR 375.00
Sold out
Pulley Ch Outhaul Double
Pulley Outhaul Double Chinook

Sail outhaul sheaves reduce friction.

Sale priceR 375.00
Chinook Vented Mast Track Box

10 inch fin box.

Sale priceR 375.00
Boom Lock Chinook 27mm

Boom Lock Chinook 27mm

Sale priceR 375.00
Uphaul Line Chinook

Lightweight up haul line.

Sale priceR 365.00
Mast Base toe protector Chinook Cone

Mast Base toe & foot protector

Sale priceR 365.00
Chinook Fin Box Tuttle

Windsurf fin box 2 screw Tuttle.

Sale priceR 329.00
Collar Clip-on Std Dia Mast Chinook

Collar Clip-on Std Dia Mast Chinook

Sale priceR 255.00
Fin Box Slot Chinook

Lightweight slot box fin mount.

Sale priceR 244.00
Chinook Base Spring Clip

Stainless US cup spring pin.

Sale priceR 235.00
Vent Screw Chinook Aluminium

Vent screw sailbaord

Sale priceR 172.50
Chinook Fin Box Plate & Screw for US fins

Fin tab and screw for US fin retention

Sale priceR 125.00