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Uphaul Line Chinook

Lightweight up haul line.

Sale priceR 365.00
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Sail Repair Tape Sail Repair Tape
Sail Repair Tape Chinook

Heavy Duty Sail Repair tape

Sale priceR 498.00
Rigging Power Hook with 3 Pulleys

Rigging Hook with 3 Pulleys

Sale priceR 455.00
Mast Base toe protector Chinook Cone

Mast Base toe & foot protector

Sale priceR 365.00
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Maui Fin Company Footstrap
Maui Fin Company Footstrap

Adjustable neoprene windsurfing footstrap.

Sale priceR 445.00
Footstrap Chinook Wide

Wide foot strap.

Sale priceR 465.00
Footstrap Chinook Standard

Standard foot straps.

Sale priceR 375.00
Easy-Rig Rigging Tool

Ergonomic line tensioning windsurf rigging tool.

Sale priceR 195.00
Anemometer Wind Meter Skywatch

Wind meter speed measuring device.

Sale priceR 1,495.00
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Pulley Ch Outhaul Double
Pulley Outhaul Double Chinook

Sail outhaul sheaves reduce friction.

Sale priceR 375.00
Chinook Deviator

Mast deviator to protect board nose.

Sale priceR 1,455.00
Chinook Winch

Sailing rig winch with power haul.

Sale priceR 1,190.00
Windsurf Sail Repair Tape X-Ply Chinook

Sail Repair Tape HD

Sale priceR 675.00