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Naish Extension Lines 2M Set of 4

Naish Kite 2M Extension Lines.

Sale priceR 545.00
Naish Lines Bridle Travel
Sale priceR 375.00
Naish Bridle Pulley Anodised
Sale priceR 225.00
Naish Bridle Pulleys
Sale priceR 485.00
Twin Tip Fins Naish

Naish twin tip fin set.

Sale priceR 1,460.00
Fin Twin Tip Naish

Kite Twin tip fins

Sale priceR 365.00
Sold out
Naish Thruster Fin Set
Naish Fins Thruster Set

Naish thruster fin set.

Sale priceR 1,250.00
Grub Screw for Kitesurf and Surf boards.

Grub Screw for fin box

Sale priceR 10.00
Pump Adapter Nozzle for Lacuna and Ensis
Sale priceR 125.00
Leash Ring Naish Torque 2 Bar

Leash Ring Naish Torque 2 Bar

Sale priceR 225.00
Leash Kite Naish

Leash Kitesurf Naish

Sale priceR 795.00
Bar Insert Naish Torque 2
Sale priceR 245.00
Chicken Finger Naish Torque 2

Fits Naish kite control bars 2017+.

Sale priceR 385.00
Chicken Finger Torque 2 & I3
Sale priceR 285.00
Naish Line Flagging i3

Naish Line Flagging

Sale priceR 645.00
Naish Line flagging Torque 2

Naish flagging line Torque 2

Sale priceR 395.00
Naish Line Organiser Torque 2

Naish Line Organiser Torque 2

Sale priceR 425.00
Naish Trim Line Torque 2 ATB

Naish Trim Line Torque 2 ATB

Sale priceR 640.00
Naish Line Trim Fusion 5

Naish Line Trim Fusion 5

Sale priceR 355.00
Sold out
Naish Line Trim I3
Sale priceR 455.00
Naish Line Trim Torch 12
Sale priceR 325.00
Naish Line Trim Torque 5
Sale priceR 910.00
Trim Line Torque ATB

Torque 2 trim line

Sale priceR 865.00
Naish Lines Kite Flying

Naish Kite lines.

Sale priceFrom R 2,250.00