Mystic Ace Spreader Bar 2024


Spreader Bar Mystic Ace 2024

Sale priceR 1,750.00
Pickup available at 3 Seabreeze Centre, 6 Marine Circle, Table View, Cape Town, South Africa. Usually ready in 2 hours

Spreader Bar Mystic Ace 2024

3 Seabreeze Centre, 6 Marine Circle, Table View, Cape Town, South Africa.

Pickup available, usually ready in 2 hours

6 Marine Circle
Table View
Cape Town
Western Cape
South Africa


Kiteboarding Hook: Designed specifically for kiteboarding to ensure a secure and reliable connection between the rider and the kite.
Load Plate: The load plate provides structural support and durability, distributing the load evenly for enhanced safety and performance.
Lever Lock Ace Bar: Equipped with a lever lock mechanism on the Ace bar for easy and quick adjustments, allowing the rider to fine-tune the setup.
Fender-Shield: Incorporates specialized pressure-distributing padding known as the Fender-Shield, enhancing comfort during use.
Ace Wings: The Ace wings are engineered to optimize aerodynamics and efficiency, contributing to a smoother kiteboarding experience.
Integrated Safety Leash Eye: Features an integrated eye for safety leash attachment, ensuring an additional layer of security for the rider.
Low Torque: Designed with low torque characteristics to minimize resistance and provide a smooth and effortless kiteboarding experience.
Chromed Stainless Steel (Hook): The hook is constructed with high-quality chromed stainless steel, offering corrosion resistance and durability for prolonged use.