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What’s new with 4.0:
Wireless Charging – Say goodbye to charging pins. WOO 4.0 is utilizing wireless charging, powering up your device through the air! ⚡️
New Battery – WOO 4.0 is equipped with a drastically improved power system, giving you more than 24 hours of session logging on a single charge! 🔋
Extra Rugged Build – WOO 4.0 is more robust and rigid than ever. As a sign of confidence, all preorders will get three years of warranty! 💪
More Powerful Internals – WOO 4.0 is benefiting from the latest and greatest tech put together in one dedicated device, optimized to deliver best precision and accuracy. Find out more details on the pre-order page.
Improved Watch Connectivity – Synchronous Smart Watch synching guarantees every jump recorded is displayed on the Watch, even if your board dips underwater. ⌚️
New Customization – New options for customization will enable you to adjust your 4.0’s LED brightness up to 50% higher than what was previously possible. You can also make your WOO unique by giving it a custom name! 🙌

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Designed for the most demanding big air sessions. Simply press record and start riding, the WOO tracks every take-off, jump, and landing.