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SKYWATCH Windmeter XPLORER 1 – anemometer


Dimensions : 41 x 93 x 17 mm
Weight : 50 gr
Precision : +/- 3 %
5 measurement units : km/h, mph, knots, m/s and fps
3 wind measurement modes : instant, maximum and average
Replacement Lithium Battery
Operation Temperature -20°C to 70°C

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Xplorer 1 is solid, water proof precise anemometer. It’s a great device for anyone who want to know exact wind conditions in order to chose perfect equipment for actual weather. It instantly measures wind speed with accuracy +/- 3%. A must have for any sport enthusiast where wind is an important factor, also it’s very handy and fits into any pocket. Features replaceable lithium battery, 3 wind measurement modes – instant, maximum and average and 5 measurement units. Auto-off feature after 1 minute will save battery life so it’ll serve you for very long time. Don’t waste more time on the spot thinking what size of kite or sail you should choose, Xplorer 1 will make it an easy decision.