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NAISH FORCE 5 4.7 2017


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Who is it for?
The Force 5 is for wave, bump and jump and freestyle riders.

What’s it do?
This sail delivers excellent all-around wave performance in a tough, lightweight package.

Why is it unique?
The Force 5 is a five batten wave sail that builds on the legacy of the classic Naish session.

What’s new?
Incremental fine-tuning over the entire range.
The Force 5 is our purist wave sail that is equally at home in all conditions—sideshore, onshore and offshore. It features high-tech, lightweight construction and a draft-forward shape that strikes a perfect balance between power and responsiveness and provides an “in-between-the-hands” feel that makes it exceptional for both wave riding and aerials/tricks. The Force 5 is our most versatile wavesail and also stands as an excellent choice for freestyle and bump and jump riders.

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